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What’s your Design Style?

30 Jul , 2016  

From modern to zen, F2 furnishings has all the right products to make your space a home  you love and enhance your personal design style. Here are just a few of the many design concepts available. Find which one best suits you and come on over!


One of the most popular design styles right now, modern design is inspired through geometric shapes. It consists of lots of clean lines, from rigid squares and rectangles to smooth curves. Generally, the look is very minimalist with very little embellishment. Some common materials used within modern interior designs are wood, plastic, glossy metals such as stainless steel and glass. 
Metropolis Sofa Set
Do you have exposed bricks, concrete or steel beams in your home? If the answer is yes, than this is your interior style! Industrial style is a blend of the roughness from unfinished walls and surfaces to furniture pieces made from metal or wood. Color palettes consists of warm, neutral tones or shades of grey with crisp white accents. The perfect sofa, is normally something big and comfy with lots of large cushions . Be sure to add some plants, art work or a free standing metal lamp to finish off your space! 

Similar to modern design, minimalist style is charming and inviting in any space. The lack of clutter focuses the eye on the innate beauty in each piece of furniture. Color palettes are usually consisted of muted colors with an accent color or two. Be sure to stick to simple pieces of furniture, add storage to keep items hidden and be sure all surfaces are clear and free of clutter. Walls should remain simple by only adding a few pieces of art to add a little bit of color.
A zen design reflects balance, harmony and relaxation and is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. Color consists of soft tones such as white, grey, green and shades of beige. Fabrics are usually light, natural and comfortable. Lighting should enhance a calming and nature inspired ambiance. Use high quality furniture that is made of natural materials, that are simple with clean lines and avoid any complicated detail. Don’t forget that a zen inspired home is not complete without some plants!
Still unsure if any of these styles are yours? Come on over to meet with our design consultant, they would be happy to lead you in the right direction!
At F2, It’s all about you! – Design Team

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