Distracting Clutter or Too Many Shoes? Check out the Cassetta Cabinet

12 Jul , 2014  

Have you been stuck with the dilemma of distracting clutter, or too many shoes with nowhere to put them? F2 has the cabinet for you!

Today we’d like to introduce to you the Cassetta cabinet, which comes in white, black or grey high gloss. They can come with slanted shelves, perfect for heeled shoes. They can also change into level shelves as well for running shoes or boots. Shelves can also be taken out so any shoe, small or large, can fit nicely. It’s safe to say, this cabinet is a beautiful space-saving addition for any person with a shoe addiction! It’s definitely a great alternative to having a bunch of shoes precariously piled in your closet.

shoe cabinet2

shoe cabinet 3

shoe cabinet 4


Besides its obvious use as a shoe wardrobe, this shelving unit can also fit any other items or clutter that you’d like to safely hide away. Its sleek look can fit well into any entryway, mudroom, living room or bedroom. Give your shoes and distracting clutter a safe and happy home! Come into F2 and let a Design Consultant show you the amazing capabilities of the Cassetta cabinet today.


shoe cabinet1



Happy Decorating!



Design Team


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