New Home Offer!

7 Aug , 2012  

F2 Exclusive Fully Furnished New Home Offer! Launched!

Our long awaited fully furnished home offer is officially set up and it looks BEAUTIFUL! An entire showroom dedicated to displaying our three fantastic new home packages to make shopping a breeze for new homebuyers, builders and those looking to get inspired.

F2 Exclusive Fully Furnished New Home Offer Showroom

Each new home offer has been created to optimize a continuous flow throughout any home using just the right combinations of warm woods, inviting textures and modern clean lines. Every item for each separate home offer has been hand selected by the F2 Design team and carefully planned out to allow for an unrestricted layout to adapt to any space! Not to mention that each package is priced perfectly at $8500, how could you not love this offer?

The Chi collection features a structured scheme, with earth tones, organic form, warm palette and harmonious design. This will create perfect symmetry and flow in any space with the natural arrangement, warm woods and inviting textures. The earthy palette and teal feature colour will create a seamlessly calm and comfortable space.

Chi Collection

The Naturalist collection has rich textures, simplistic balance, earthy elements, with a soft palette and natural tones. This collection will attract any person wanting a warm inviting home to relax and entertain in. The aesthetically versatile palette will complement existing pieces and enhance any home.

Naturalist Collection

The Edge collection represents a minimalistic design, with hard metals, sharp lines, concentrated boldness and a dark palette. This collection has a bold sharp design to create a modern emphasis for even the drabbest of spaces. The dark palette and sleek chrome accents can be paired with bold colours, perfect for achieving a modern look for that bachelor pad, loft or contemporary individual.

Edge Collection

Come check out the full package options and get started on your new home decor!

Happy Decorating!


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